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Race Results

ESR Race Results

ESR member race results for several events are collected and maintained by ESR Members at the following link: http://esrraceresults.pbwiki.com/. These results will be collected and posted in the 'ESR Race Results' section in the club's quarterly newsletter 'The Runner Mumbles'.

You can see detailed ESR race results, including times and dates. If you have results for non-featured races, you can still email them to Carl Kadie OR even better (for Carl) you can add them to the page directly: Just press select "Edit Page" on the left. You can then edit in your web browser. When you are done, click the "Save Your Changes" button at the bottom.

We're mostly trying to capture information about race, date, person, time, and any awards or remarks. You don't need to worry about things like fonts. We can fix those up easily. Also, don't worry about messing things up. The computer remembers all the old versions and we can easily fix things.

Archived ESR race results are also stored on the link http://esrraceresults.pbwiki.com/.

Athlinks Race Results

You can store and review all your past race results on Athlinks.com.