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Saturday Morning Run - North Bend Loop

Run Leader - Beth Wengrow


Note: One of the park signs is missing so the park is easy to miss from the street. The entrance is on North Bend Way between the QFC and the ranger station, on the same side of the street.

Breakfast: North Bend Bar & Grill

Course Description:
Start/Finish: Torguson Park Picnic Shelter
Exit Torguson Park onto North Bend Way, turn Right and run through town. As you leave town, stay on the right (with traffic).
1.3 miles: turn Right on NW 8th St., then make an immediate Left into Tollgate Farm Park
Run along the west side of Tollgate Farm Park, paralleling North Bend Way
1.8 miles: exit Tollgate Farm at driveway, turn Right, continue along North Bend Way (with traffic).
2.3 miles: Right on 394th Place (becomes Stone Quarry Rd) immediately after crossing the railroad tracks.
3.2 miles: Left onto Hwy 202, then take the next Right onto Meadowbrook Way
3.9 miles: Cross the One-Lane Bridge and bear Right as Meadowbrook becomes Reinig Rd.
4.2 miles: Take the yellow metal Reinig Road stairs up to Reinig Bridge. Go straight along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, past the golf course and back to Torguson Park.
*About halfway along the golf course fence line, there is a water fountain at the 4th hole.
7 miles: Turn Right into Torguson Park

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