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Eastside Runners COVID-19 Safety Procedures

No spectators are allowed except one parent/guardian/caregiver for each minor-aged participant.

Stay home when sick or if a close contact of someone with COVID-19.

- All runners and spectators are required to stay home if they feel unwell, show any signs of COVID-19, or are a close contact of a confirmed case. Any such person will not be allowed to participate and should contact his or her primary care provider or other appropriate health-care professional.

- All participants will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Participants will be required to agree to the attestation in person.

- Anyone who was excluded due to COVID-19 symptoms or because they are close contacts must follow DOH and local public health isolation and quarantine guidance before returning to our group runs.

- People with underlying health conditions should consult with their medical provider regarding participation in athletic activities.

Pre-registration for each run

All participants must pre-register online for each run. Same-day online registration is allowed only if a pace slot is available. For now, only paid ESR club members will be allowed to register. Registration will include signing consent and commitment to the ESR’s reopening policies (this document) and an attestation that the participant has no COVID-19 symptoms and has not been in close contact with a confirmed case in 14 days. ESR shall retain registration data for 30 days after the activity in order to aid possible contact tracing.


Those who are not in the same household are encouraged to travel in separate vehicles if possible. For travel groups that include more than one household in the same vehicle whether in a carpool or on a bus, all members of the travel group, including the driver, must wear a face covering and spread out as much as possible within the vehicle. Limit travel groups to those who have been in regular contact. Encourage family members to sit together. Maximize ventilation in the vehicle by opening windows.


Masks/buffs are required for all participants directly before and directly after the run. Any spectators must wear facial coverings at all times per the Department of Health facial covering order. Masks need not be worn while you are running if a distance of 6 feet from the nearest runner can be maintained.

Starting waves

Starting waves of 6 (HIGH level counties) or 10 (MEDIUM level counties) five (5) participants or fewer will be used, with waves starting at least 1 minute apart. You will choose a starting wave and time based on the pace you estimate when filling out the registration form. Waves will be sequenced by pace with faster racers going first, then working towards the slower runners to reduce likelihood for congestion or passing on the course. 

Physical Distance

Physical distance of 6 feet must be maintained between participants when not running. Participants must make an effort to remain 6 feet from other participants on the course as much as possible. If participants need to pass another participant they need to pass them in a manner that is safe and makes the moment of passage as brief as reasonably possible. Similarly if a participant is being passed that participant must allow for passing such that distance between participants can be achieved in as brief amount of time as reasonably possible.

No congregation is allowed at the activity start or finish area. Participants must leave the activity area when finished.


Participants must wash their hands frequently and cover their sneezes and coughs. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after running, especially after touching shared objects or blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60-95% alcohol content. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the run. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they are dry. Runners should not share water bottles, towels, or snacks and should not spit (saliva, sunflower seeds, etc.).

Safety briefing

Before each wave starts the volunteer run leader will provide a COVID-19 safety briefing to emphasize the protective measures for everyone to include maintaining physical distancing, sanitation protocols, and pre-session screening.


There will be signage at the activity site to instruct participants that they cannot participate if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (have not recovered or are still within the required 10-day isolation period), had symptoms of COVID-19, or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

You can download a copy of these rules:  ESRWritten Rules.docx

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