Eastside Runners Club

The Seattle area running club for every type of runner
    The Long Run group is an unofficial group of people who like to run more than the 5-6 miles that we usually do at the ESR Saturday morning runs. We start at the same location as the Saturday runs, but show up between 7:00 and 7:30 (varies by week) and sometimes as early as 6:30. Most of the time we return to the start to join the 8:30 group, but sometimes we're out doing a long loop and don't get back until after 8:30. The group is "unofficial" because no maps are handed out (we do publish the route as a link in the weekly email), nor is anyone sweeping the course. We start off together, but eventually split up as people run different paces, so each runner is responsible for getting themselves back to the start.

         If you want to be included join the Long Run email group.  Only members who have joined this group will receive emails about this activity.  You can join or opt out at any time and joining does not obligate you to attend.  To join:

    • Log into your account on eastsiderunners.com. Your Profile Page will appear.  (If you're already logged in click on the icon at upper right and select "view profile")
    • Click on the “Edit Profile” button
    • Scroll down to “Group participation” and check the box for “Long Run email list”
    • Scroll down and select the “Save” button

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