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Eastside Runners Club

The Seattle area running club for every type of runner

40 years running (founded 1981)

ESR Sat Morning Run - 60 Acres Park

  • March 20, 2021
  • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • 15200 NE 116th St, Redmond

Prospective run leaders:  Check for soccer games scheduled for Saturdays in spring and summer.

Run Leader  Ken O'Neill

Parking  60 Acres has a big parking lot north of 116th and a smaller one to the south.

Meetup Location  On the south side of 116th (be careful if crossing the road)

Restrooms on the south side (buildings closed, porta potties open)

Breakfast   none right now


The recommended route has two possible cutoff points, creating three courses of about 2.5, 5.4, and 7.8 miles; and for additional miles you can keep going on the Sammamish River Trail when you get back.   Surface:  There's about 1.25 miles at the beginning that are gravel trail.  The rest is asphalt or concrete.


Go up the ramp, over the bridge, down the ramp on the other side
Choose: 1) Go over the bridge and turn left, for 2.5 miles total distance, or 2) go past the bridge and turn right on the paved trail
Turn left on the Willows Road sidewalk, which will become the Redmond Connector Trail
Recross the river, and choose: 1) take the stairs or ramp down to SRT & turn right, for 5.4 miles total distance, or 2) go past the stairs/ramp and keep going straight
3.1 to 4
Multiple intersections with crosswalks and lights
Cross 170th with the light and keep going straight
Turn right on Bear Creek Trail
Turn right on SRT

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